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Sendra Tari Ramayana

Synopsis of Ramayana ballet
Prabu Janaka, the King of Mantili Kingdom has got a very beautiful princess named Dewi Shinta. A competition is conducted in order to decide who will be the right person to marry Dewi Shinta. Rama Wijaya, The Prince of Ayodya Kingdom at last wins the competition.

Prabu Rahwana, the ruler of Alengkadiraja Kingdom is eager to marry Dewi Widowati. but after knowing Dewi Shinta he changes his mind since he assumes that Dewi Shinta is the incarnation of Dewi Widowati whom he searching for a long time.

Dandaka Forest

Rama Wijaya along with his wife Shinta and accompanied by his younger brother Leksmana is adventuring until arrive in Dandaka Forest. Unfortunately they meet Rahwana -who adored Dewi Shinta so much Shinta in the place. Rahwana becomes eager to possess her, and in order to realize his idea, Rahwana commutes one of his followers named Marica to a deer called Kijang Kencana so as to attract Shinta.

Being interested in the beauty of the deer, Shinta asks Rama to capture it for her. Rama (menyanggupi) and leaves Shinta accompanied by Leksmana and start hunting the deer.

After waiting for a long time, Shinta becomes nervous as Rama has not arrived yet. She asks Leksmana to look for Rama. Before leaving Shinta alone, Leksmana draws a magic circle on the ground just to protect her from any possible danger.

As soon as Rahwana notices that Shinta has been left alone, he tries to kidnap her but he fails because of the magic circle which protects her life. Then he changes himself to be an old Brahmana. Shinta fels pity to the old Brahmana and that makes her to get out from the magic circle. As a result Rahwana - who becomes the old Brahmana takes her and fly away to Alengka Kingdom.

Running after the Deer

Rama shoots the deer with the bow and arrow, but the deer commutes to a giant. A war out breaks between Rama and the giant. The giant is shot to the death by Rama's arrow. Later on Leksmana arrives and requests Rama to return to Shinta's place.

The Kidnap of Shinta

On the way to Alengka, Rahwana meets a garuda bird called Jatayu. But then they fight each other since Jatayu knows that Rahwana kidnapped Dewi Shinta -the princess of Prabu Janaka, his friend. Unfortunately Jatayu was defeated by Rahwana for his effort to release and escape her from Rahwana.

Finding out that Shinta is not supposed to be in her place, Rama and Leksmana decides to search for her. In the way of searching they meet Jatayu who is seriously wounded. At first Rama thinks that Jatayu who has kidnapped Shinta so he decides to kill him but then Leksmana prevents him to do so. Jatayu explains what has happened to them before he dies.

A moment later, a white monkey named Hanuman arrives. He is delegated by his uncle, Sugriwa to look for two heroes who are able to kill Subali. Subali is a sacred man and has taken Dewi Tara, Sugriwa's beloved woman. At last Rama decides to help Sugriwa after being insisted.

Kiskendo cave

At the moment of Subali, Dewi Tara and his son are chatting suddenly sugriwa arrives and attacks Subali. Then Sugriwa helped by Rama defeats Subali. Sugriwa takes Dewi Tara with him again. To (membalas) Rama's kindness, Sugriwa decides to help him in searching for Dewi Shinta. For this purpose Sugriwa delegates Hanoman to find and investigate the Alengka Kingdom.

Argasoka Garden

Rahwana's niece, Trijata is comforting Shinta in the garden. Rahwana arrives to ask Shinta's willingness to be his wife. Shinta refused it. This makes him angry and try to kill her but Trijata prevent and tells him to be patient. Trijata promises to look after Shinta.

When Shinta feels so sad, she suddenly hear beatiful song sung by Hanoman, the white monkey. Hanoman tells her that he comes and sent by Rama to ascape her. After he explain his purpose, Hanoman starts to find out the total power of the Alengka army. Then he destroy the garden.

Indrakit. Rahwana's son succesfully captured Hanoman but Kumbokarno prevents him so that he is throwm out the Kingdom. Hanoman is sentenced burnt alive till die. But then Hanoman is able to set himself free and burn the kingdom with the fire around his body.

As soon as burn the Kingdom, Hanoman comes to Rama and explains for what has happened. Rama then goes to Alengka along with his monkey's army. He attacks the Kingdom and makes the Alengka's army in a difficult position because Indrajit-the leader of the army is death.

Since the army doesn't have a leader Rahwana orders Kumbokarno-the wise giant to be the leader of the army and fights for the Alengka Kingdom. But then Kumbokarno killed and deah by Rama's heirloom arrow. Rahwana takes over the army and starts to attack Rama and his soldiers. Rama also kills him at last. His corpse is put under the mountain of sumawana carried by Hanoman.

Rama Meets Shinta

After the death of Rahwana, Hanoman takes Shinta to meet Rama. But Rama refused her because he thinks that she is not purified anymore. Shinta is disappointed and to prove her faithfully to her husband she comes into a fire and burns herself. Because of her holiness and God of fire's help she is not burnt and safe. That makes Rama happy and finally accepts her to be his wife again.

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